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#56121: openfortivpn @1.6.0_0
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Comment (by millerdev):


 > Please use the github portgroup. See documentation in the guide. Please
 use tarball download, not archive download...

 I had tried this earlier but it always failed to download the file from
 github. The
 documentation on github portgroup] seems incomplete for a project with
 automatically generated releases (based on tags), so ended up reading
 ports/blob/master/_resources/port1.0/group/github-1.0.tcl#L65 the source]
 and guessing. The details that made it work were:

   - `github.tarball_from tags`
   - and setting `gh_tag_prefix` (the `v` at the end of `github.setup
 adrienverge openfortivpn 1.6.0 v`).

 Please provide an example if this is still not correct.

 > Please add size to checksums.

 The [https://guide.macports.org/#development.creating-portfile
 instructions in the guide] are incomplete on this, and `port -v checksum`
 does not suggest output that meets your requirements. I had to guess on
 how to get this right (by adding a fake `size 0` checksum) before `port -v
 checksum` gave the correct details.

 > Please run autogen.sh the way we do in other ports...

 I hope I did this correctly (added to `configure.cmd`). I guessed based on
 ports/blob/master/editors/bluefish/Portfile#L54 this example]. If this is
 still wrong, please point me to an example of how to do it correctly.

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