[MacPorts] #56122: munin fails to upgrade to 1.4.7_6

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Sat Mar 24 15:51:39 UTC 2018

#56122: munin fails to upgrade to 1.4.7_6
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Comment (by pdvnl):

 Change from 1.4.7_5 to 1.4.7_6 is only the change from perl5.24 to

 As stated in [perldelta] for perl 5.26:

 "The perl binary includes a default set of paths in @INC . Historically it
 has also included the current directory ("." ) as the final entry, unless
 run with taint mode enabled (perl -T ). While convenient, this has
 security implications: for example, where a script attempts to load an
 optional module when its current directory is untrusted (such as /tmp), it
 could load and execute code from under that directory."

 Because this change is motivated by security, I think the way to go is
 updating the source.

 I supply a patch and a new Portfile.

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