[MacPorts] #56134: shortcut to combine selfupdate and upgrade outdated

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Sat Mar 24 22:55:49 UTC 2018

#56134: shortcut to combine selfupdate and upgrade outdated
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 Hi everyone at macports

 I'd like to suggest to add a newshortcut  command as a convenience

 That shortcut should call in sequence:
 - port selfupdate
 - port upgrade outdated

 Depending on your taste, that shortcut should have a short name,
 I'd vote for "port up"

 That command could possibly have a -i (interactive) flag,
 which would call "port outdated" after the selfupdate
 and ask for yes/no confirmation before applying the "upgrade outdated"

 When run with the -v (verbose) flag,
 it should also call "port outdated" after selfupdate but before upgrade
 to display the outdated candidates before the upgrade starts.

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