[MacPorts] #56143: wine{, -{devel, crossover}}: new +universal woes

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Mon Mar 26 02:35:19 UTC 2018

#56143: wine{,-{devel,crossover}}: new +universal woes
  Reporter:  Ionic                           |      Owner:  raimue
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Comment (by Ionic):

 > On x86_64, wine sets default_variants +universal, so this variant should
 automatically be added on upgrades.

 If I interpret the state file correctly, `+universal` seems to not have
 been added.

 Also, from the build log, I see that it's using the `wine-3.4`
 `worksrcdir` instead of an arch-specific one, so that also hints at
 `+universal` not being enabled.

 > I do not think purse 64-bit builds of wine that are useful. Users either
 want only win32 (-universal) or win32 and win64 (+universal). At least
 this was the intention how it should work.

 It looks like currently `-universal` defaults to a broken wine32 build,
 since it builds with `-arch x86_64` but also `-m32` (which comes from wine
 itself for its win32 variant).

 >> Removing x86_64 from supported_archs sounds like a good workaround. I
 cannot test this at the moment, though.
 > This breaks the port:
 >    `Error: wine cannot be installed for the configured universal_archs
 'x86_64 i386' because it only supports the arch(s) 'i386'.`

 Hum, do we check `universal_archs` against `supported_archs` even if not
 building `+universal`?

 Does this also occur with
 if {![variant_isset universal] && ${build_arch} eq "x86_64"} {
     supported_archs i386

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