[MacPorts] #56143: wine{, -{devel, crossover}}: new +universal woes

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Mon Mar 26 02:47:52 UTC 2018

#56143: wine{,-{devel,crossover}}: new +universal woes
  Reporter:  Ionic                           |      Owner:  raimue
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      Port:  wine wine-devel wine-crossover  |

Comment (by Ionic):

 > The muniversal portgroup doesn't do anything for non-universal builds,
 so setting merger_arch_flag no wouldn't do anything to address that.

 Yeah, I'm pretty sure `-m32` comes from wine itself which adds it when
 building its win32 variant on a non-i386 platform. And `-arch base_arch`
 is just part of the usual flags we pass to builds when building a base-
 arch port.

 > Yes, doing it only when the universal variant is not set might work.

 Might, but then again would leave us with the "logical dilemma" I
 mentioned in the report - for wine ports, the behavior of `+universal`
 would be reversed compared to all other ports. I don't feel too
 comfortable with that, but it's the maintainer's decision in the end.

 Maybe we shouldn't use `universal` here at all, but rather introduce new
 `win32` and `win64` (or `wine32` and `wine64`) variants that enable
 building a specific variant, irrespective of the machine's base arch. Do
 we actually need `muniversal` and merging here? Wine normally adds
 postfixes to its 64bit variant binaries. Libraries will need to be staged
 into different directories (and we should make sure to tell wine where to
 find those in the build process), but I don't think that `muniversal` is
 actually useful here. We don't want to actually merge thin binaries into
 fat binaries. We already stage stuff into different directories via the
 `dlldir` override.

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