[MacPorts] #56137: ghostscript @9.23 builds incorrectly when updating

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Wed Mar 28 03:45:14 UTC 2018

#56137: ghostscript @9.23 builds incorrectly when updating
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 It's caused by
 this upstream commit]. Previously, `LDFLAGS` were not used when building
 `gsc` and `gsx`; now they are. Because MacPorts puts `-L/opt/local/lib`
 into `LDFLAGS` by default—and because I guess they don't prepend a `-L`
 flag with the path where the new libgs.dylib was built—that makes it find
 the previously-installed libgs.dylib instead of the newly-built one.

 I don't know if we can just remove `-L/opt/local/lib` from our default
 `LDFLAGS`. That might make the build unable to find the libraries it

 I still can't see the actual build commands that are causing this problem
 in the log. I don't know where in the build system they're happening, why
 they're hidden, or how to make them visible.

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