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#56181: Periodically delete obsolete packages
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 Obsolete packages should be deleted from our server periodically. Josh
 wrote scripts to do that:

 * [browser:macports-infrastructure/jobs/current_versions.tcl]
 * [browser:macports-infrastructure/jobs/delete_old_archives.py]


 ./current_versions.tcl > current_versions.txt
 ./delete_old_archives.py /path/to/packages/ current_versions.txt >
 old_archives.txt 2> old_archives.stats.txt
 xargs rm -fv < old_archives.txt

 But this requires MacPorts base and an up-to-date ports tree.

 We could create another Buildbot scheduler, which runs periodically at
 whatever interval we desire. We could use `mpbb`, as in the other
 schedulers, to keep a separate copy of MacPorts base and a ports tree
 updated, and then run the above scripts.

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