[MacPorts] #50453: Failed to build py27-pymc

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Thu May 3 03:44:11 UTC 2018

#50453: Failed to build py27-pymc
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Comment (by reneeotten):

 Ryan, that's why I only linked to this ticket in the PR and didn't close
 it as I wasn't sure if that would be appropriate... I now see where the
 problem comes from (I clearly need to read a bit more on the compiler
 business and how MacPorts handles that). I was under the impression that 2
 years ago the issue was specifically with gcc48 (the default compiler back
 then?) and didn't consider that anyone would still want to use that
 compiler these days. It did build fine with the default options (i.e.,
 gcc7). Would you typically test all the different variants to make sure
 they work?
 In any case, I have no problem with removing all the non-supported
 variants and keeping only the ones that are present in py-numpy. That is
 done with the  {{{compilers.setup}}} line, correct? Just let me know
 if/what you want me to change!

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