[MacPorts] #53184: A cxx11-compatible clang compiler on 10.5 PPC ?Some progress...

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#53184: A cxx11-compatible clang compiler on 10.5 PPC ?Some progress...
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Comment (by kencu):

 > Is bootstrapping on Intel still required?
 Thankfully no, it builds with gcc6 on PPC.

 > If so, (how) could a binary PPC bootstrap package be made?
 Certainly! I will make a binary available.

 There are three issues that remain that I know about.
 1. The llvm compiler-rt project's cmake scripts don't support PPC building
 out of the box, and are quite complicated. David Fang has fixed this on an
 older version of the compiler-rt, and with some slight mods, this works to
 generate a PPC version of compiler_rt_10.4.a that appears to have all the
 correct parts in it. At the moment, I am subbing this in post-build. I
 would like to integrate this into the clang-3.8 build directly.
 2. c++ exceptions don't work yet, due to some low-level assembly issues
 that delve into the depths a `eh_frame` addresses.
 3. va_args work, but apparently still not for every data type yet. I had
 some help on this several months ago from an agreeable llvm/clang
 developer and we thought we had it licked, but something just showed up
 when building git on Tiger PPC with clang-3.8.

 Despite that, many things can be built.

 clang-3.8 on Tiger Intel seems to work perfectly when built the same way,
 and  the compiler-rt, va_args, and exceptions are all debugged and working
 when building for i386 as far as I can tell.

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