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#44509: selfupdate tried to tell me to run selfupdate again
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Here are some reasons why we do not automatically run selfupdate:

 selfupdate takes a nonzero amount of time to determine whether a new
 version of MacPorts base is available. If you are running many separate
 port commands, you don't want to incur that performance penalty for every
 command you run. The organization providing our master rsync server also
 probably doesn't want to serve that additional network traffic.

 selfupdate currently requires access to an rsync server. This does not
 work for all users, particularly those on corporate networks with
 restrictive firewalls that prohibit rsync traffic. Those users need to use
 alternatives for selfupdate, so it wouldn't be helpful for us to
 automatically run selfupdate for them, since it would just fail.

 selfupdate also updates the ports tree. It's not uncommon for dozens of
 changes to be made to the ports tree every day. If you want to receive
 these changes as quickly as possible, you may want to run selfupdate once
 every day that you use MacPorts. If you don't care about being that up-to-
 date, just install ports as needed. If you haven't run selfupdate in two
 weeks, MacPorts will remind you to do so.

 The idea of providing a combined selfupdate-and-upgrade-outdated command
 has been proposed in #56134.

 This ticket should remain open to explore the "trampoline program" idea
 you proposed.

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