[MacPorts] #56466: QtCurve-extra: universal variant fails

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#56466: QtCurve-extra: universal variant fails
  Reporter:  ryandesign     |      Owner:  ryandesign
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Replying to [comment:5 RJVB]:
 > I'm guessing that the standard universal variant is defined by "base"
 after the Portfile has been interpreted, and only if such a variant wasn't
 already defined?

 Right. After the entire portfile has been processed by base, if no
 universal variant was defined by it, and if the port did not disable the
 universal variant, and if the port supports more than one arch, and if the
 port does not disable the configure phase, base will add the standard
 universal variant.

 This is different from the muniversal portgroup, which unconditionally
 adds its universal variant at the moment that the portgroup is included.

 > If true, the muniversal PG could use `if {[variant_isset universal]}`
 instead of declaring the variant, and set a special state variable. The
 "base" code could then use that state variable to decide whether to
 declare the standard universal variant, or an empty variant (= without
 code) instead.

 Sorry, I don't understand how that would work.

 I'll just say that base should not have knowledge of portgroup-specific

 It would be nice if the muniversal portgroup went away and its
 functionality were part of MacPorts base. That would solve the issue we're
 talking about, but would of course require all ports that use the
 portgroup to be visited to adapt them to the changes.

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