[MacPorts] #51642: gcc49 @4.9.3: does not honor -march=native

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Mon May 14 00:35:07 UTC 2018

#51642: gcc49 @4.9.3: does not honor -march=native
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Comment (by kencu):

 I'm not certain which option would be better. We can leave things as they
 are, and use either the `Wa,-q` flag, or  the `AS_INTEGRATED_ASSEMBLER=1`
 environment variable to get the alternate behaviour (clang as assembler
 instead of `as`).

 Or we could presumably change the gcc build (on Intel) to set clang as the
 assembler by default by specifying some version of clang here instead of
 `as` and then setting a build dep on that:

 HOWEVER, that could cause some irritating bootstrap issues and other

 My initial inclination is to leave things as they are, as there is an easy
 workaround to get the "`clang` as `as`" option, but none to go the other

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