[MacPorts] #56322: rust @1.26.0: buid failed on OS X <= 10.9

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#56322: rust @1.26.0: buid failed on OS X <= 10.9
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Comment (by kencu):

 Well, rust is very complicated, isn't it? Good luck to all of you who use
 it regularly!

 I had a HELLUVA time trying to figure out how I would get something like
 `-integrated-as` or `-Wa,-q` or `AS_INTEGRATED_ASSEMBER=1` to take
 purchase on the clang compiler's build line without messing up the `rustc`

 Instead of that, I tried a different approach. At some point, `clang`
 switched to making the `-integrated-as` the default on Darwin. In
 `clang-5.0`, there doesn't even seem to be a system version test for it
 any longer -- all versions of Darwin are instructed to use the
 `-integrated-as` by default.

 So the simple fix, in the end, appears to be to use a newer version of
 `clang` to build `rust`.
 sudo port -v install cctools
 sudo port -v install rust configure.compiler=macports-clang-5.0
 and it's building away now, well past the previous errors, on 10.9.

 Rust takes hours to build -- I'll report back when it's all done, and
 hopefully that will be all it takes to make it work.

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