[MacPorts] #54781: osxfuse @3.6.3: use of undeclared identifiers 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_IMMUTABLE_FILES' 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_PERMISSIONS'

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Sat May 26 01:43:28 UTC 2018

#54781: osxfuse @3.6.3: use of undeclared identifiers
  Reporter:  mklein-de  |      Owner:  drkp
      Type:  defect     |     Status:  reopened
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Comment (by ewenmcneill):

 It appears I also have this problem attempting to build (as an `upgrade`)
 `osxfuse` 3.8.0 on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).  Presumably earlier versions I
 installed got build by the El Capitan build worker which worked until
 recently, and now it is attempting to build from source locally and
 failing (due to what sounds like 10.12/10.13 specific changes).  Also
 Xcode 8.2.1:

 ewen at ashram:~$ /usr/bin/xcodebuild -version
 Xcode 8.2.1
 Build version 8C1002
 ewen at ashram:~$

 It looks like the references in the code are guarded by `VERSION_MAJOR >=
 16`, which shouldn't match on OS X 10.11:

 ewen at ashram:~$ grep VERSION_MAJOR
 /* VERSION_MAJOR, version_major is an integer that represents that major
 #define VERSION_MAJOR           15
 /* Build-time value of VERSION_MAJOR */
 ewen at ashram:~$

 but it appears the build command explicitly references 10.12 as the
 minimum version (even when building on 10.11), which presumably is causing
 them to be dragged in anyway:

 :info:build     [...]/clang -x c -arch x86_64 [...] -mmacosx-version-

 Since it sounds like XCode 8 can't build OS X 10.11 `kext` anyway, and the
 Macports build work has also been updated to XCode 8, I suspect the only
 reasonable solution at this point is to prevent `osxfuse` being installed
 on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) at all.

 (I used `osxfuse` for one thing in the past, and haven't used it since, so
 I think I'll just uninstall the port on my OS X 10.11 machines.)


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