[MacPorts] #56549: selfupdate loses error message returned by mportsync

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Mon May 28 22:48:19 UTC 2018

#56549: selfupdate loses error message returned by mportsync
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 % sudo port sync
 --->  Updating the ports tree
 port sync failed: Synchronization of 1 source failed
 The last line there is sometimes the only error message generated outside
 of verbose mode, e.g. when a git repo fails to sync. selfupdate::main does
         try {
             mportsync $optionslist
         }  catch {{*} eCode eMessage} {
             return -code error "Couldn't sync the ports tree: $eMessage"
 which should return an error message that includes mportsync's. But
 apparently something further up the call chain fails to print it:
 % sudo port selfupdate
 --->  Updating MacPorts base sources using rsync
 MacPorts base version 2.5.99 installed,
 MacPorts base version 2.5.0 downloaded.
 --->  Updating the ports tree
 Needless to say, this is pretty confusing.

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