[MacPorts] #56560: squid3 port file has no --enable-http-violations option or variant

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Wed May 30 10:31:10 UTC 2018

#56560: squid3 port file has no --enable-http-violations option or variant
 Reporter:  essandess                            |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect                               |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal                               |  Milestone:  MacPorts
                                                 |  2.7.0
Component:  ports                                |    Version:  2.5.0
 Keywords:  enable http violations config.args   |       Port:  squid3
  port file                                      |
 The port file for {{{squid3}}} does not have an option to set the
 {{{--enable-http-violations}}} configuration flag. This option is
 necessary for squid to edit HTTP headers.

 It is possible to add this flag by hand with the edit {{{sudo vi `port
 file squid3`}}}, and adding it manually under {{{configure.args}}}. This
 works, but obviously any update to the {{{squid3}}} port file will wipe it

 Would you please consider adding the {{{--enable-http-violations}}} to the
 {{{squid3}}} port? My own rank-order preferences to accomplish this are:

 1. The flag {{{--enable-http-violations}}} is a default in the standard
 {{squid3}}} port file.
 2. Create a {{{squid3}}} port variant for {{{--enable-http-violations}}}.
 3. Add a user-configurable {{{config}}} options list that can be modified
 on the port command line call.

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