[MacPorts] #56564: emacs @26.1: emacs port requires autoconf

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Wed May 30 19:44:29 UTC 2018

#56564: emacs @26.1: emacs port requires autoconf
 Reporter:  david135  |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal    |  Milestone:
Component:  ports     |    Version:  2.5.0
 Keywords:            |       Port:  emacs
 I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 Beta (17F70a), Xcode 9.4 Build
 version 9F1027a. The command I used was {{{sudo port install emacs}}}.

 When installing emacs 26.1, I found that I had to first manually install
 autoconf ({{{sudo port install autoconf}}}), which was not installed
 automatically as a dependency.

 Following is the log from the failure:
 :info:configure Checking whether you have the necessary tools...
 :info:configure (Read INSTALL.REPO for more details on building Emacs)
 :info:configure Checking for autoconf (need at least version 2.65) ...
 :info:configure Building Emacs from the repository requires the following
 specialized programs:
 :info:configure autoconf (minimum version 2.65)
 :info:configure Your system seems to be missing the following tool(s):
 :info:configure autoconf (missing)
 :info:configure If you think you have the required tools, please add them
 to your PATH
 :info:configure and re-run this script.
 :info:configure Otherwise, please try installing them.
 :info:configure On systems using rpm and yum, try: "yum install PACKAGE"
 :info:configure On systems using dpkg and apt, try: "apt-get install
 :info:configure Then re-run this script.
 :info:configure If you do not have permission to do this, or if the
 version provided
 :info:configure by your system is too old, it is normally straightforward
 to build
 :info:configure these packages from source.  You can find the sources at:
 :info:configure https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/PACKAGE/
 :info:configure Download the package (make sure you get at least the
 minimum version
 :info:configure listed above), extract it using tar, then run configure,
 :info:configure make install.  Add the installation directory to your PATH
 and re-run
 :info:configure this script.
 :info:configure If you know that the required versions are in your PATH,
 but this
 :info:configure script has made an error, then you can simply re-run this
 script with
 :info:configure the --no-check option.
 :info:configure Please report any problems with this script to bug-gnu-
 emacs at gnu.org .
 :info:configure Command failed: sh ./autogen.sh
 :info:configure Exit code: 1
 :error:configure Failed to configure emacs: command execution failed
 :debug:configure Error code: NONE
 :debug:configure Backtrace: command execution failed

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