[MacPorts] #57137: xcode portgroup should set -derivedDataPath on Xcode versions that need it

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Wed Apr 10 17:02:06 UTC 2019

#57137: xcode portgroup should set -derivedDataPath on Xcode versions that need it
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Comment (by kencu):

 So what could we do?

 Change the xcode PG defaults a bit for Xcode 10+.

 1. Cancel the build phase for Xcode 10+, and just let it build in the
 destroot phase as it does already. That will get rid of all the symlink
 and similar errors. There is no other choice, AFAICT.

 2. set the `-derivedDataPath ./DerivedData` in the pre-args for Xcode 10+.
 If there is no scheme set, default it to xcode target, which works most of
 the time.

 3. make an override to use the old build system with a simple setting in
 the Portfile if the above doesn't work.

 That will fix a lot of the broken builds. For the ones that still fail,
 the authour can try setting a proper scheme with a little investigation
 into what schemes there are in the project. And for the ones that fail
 THAT, you can set the old build system instead and give up.

 The only other choice I can see would be to use the old build system all
 the time on Xcode 10+, which I actually kind of like as it's a one-line
 fix for every xcode 10 build failure I think -- but I know that idea would
 not fly.

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