[MacPorts] #58346: Please re-enable or provide non-breaking migration for --with-default-names

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Mon Apr 15 13:50:00 UTC 2019

#58346: Please re-enable or provide non-breaking migration for --with-default-names
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 Recently --with-default-names was deprecated/removed.  This leaves me in a
 position where I now have to manually manage my path post install for
 every package I add, looking into /usr/local/opt/<name>/libexec/gnubin
 which is massively painful to keep maintained properly or to remember to

 More painful yet, is the mishmash of pre/post removal package
 installations where some need this manual treatment and some just work.

 Please consider some option where I can go to get *all* my gnu tools by
 adding links to a single spot into my bash file instead of this error
 prone, per-install process.

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