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#58322: qt5 portgroup picks incompatible version of qt for Mac OS X 10.6 and
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Comment (by MarcusCalhoun-Lopez):

 Replying to [comment:3 ryandesign]:
 > Marcus, I don't understand your comment at all. I thought the whole idea
 was that ports that want to use qt5 should include the qt5 portgroup, and
 the portgroup will pick the right version of qt5 to use for the user's OS
 version. On 10.6 and earlier, the qt5 portgroup currently picks a version
 of qt5 that is not compatible with the OS version. How can that possibly
 be considered to be correct/desirable/useful to anyone? Or are you saying
 that there is no version of qt5 that will work on 10.6 or earlier? I see
 that the comments say that is the case for 10.5 and earlier, but for 10.6
 it suggests that 5.0-5.3 might work. Why doesn't the portgroup pick one of
 those versions for 10.6?

 Forgive me if I have been unclear.\\
 Currently, there is no version of Qt in MacPorts that works with macOS
 10.6 or earlier.

 macOS 10.3 and earlier cannot be supported because Qt 5 never supported
 macOS  10.4 and macOS 10.5 were never supported by Qt 5, so it is unlikely
 we could get it to work on them.

 Some time back, I tried to get Qt 5.3 working on macOS 10.6, but I ran
 into several problems.\\
 Unfortunately, I cannot remember which modules failed off the top of my
 Qt 5.3 listed macOS 10.6 as "Deployment only," so building Qt 5.3 on macOS
 10.6 was never officially supported.\\
 Even Qt 5.0-5.2 were only "Occasionally tested" on macOS 10.6.

 We also start to run into the problem that at some point, older versions
 of Qt 5 stop being supported, so the effort of getting an unsupported
 version of Qt 5 on older systems might not be worth it.

 From the previous comment, Ken seems to have made some progress, which is

 It is somewhat unlikely this situation will be fixed any time soon (at
 least by me).\\
 I worry that this ticket it destined to stay open for years with no
 Currently, I think things fail as elegantly as they can on macOS 10.6 and
 earlier, so I am not sure what can be done, at least in the short term.

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