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#57058: rust at 1.28.0: Failed to build
  Reporter:  mfacorcoran  |      Owner:  g5pw
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Comment (by Ionic):

 Yes and no. The original issue is resolved within rust, but there is a new
 issue that prevents users building 1.34 from the precompiled binaries the
 rust project provides (which our port does).

 So it sadly turns out that there is still no way to build rust from the
 official prebuilt binaries with a MacPorts clang compiler due to the
 packages shipping a customized version of `libLLVM.dylib` - which the
 build then picks up by setting `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` and then clang fails to
 execute. [https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/55737 Upstream bug
 report here.]

 Ironically this is not a problem with the system compilers as shipped by
 Apple since they do not dynamically link against `libLLVM`. I guess that
 its linked statically, so these versions do not even need to look for such
 a shared library - and thus don't fail.

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