[MacPorts] #34224: n2n: subversion check out failed, certificate issued for a different hostname

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Thu Apr 25 13:56:24 UTC 2019

#34224: n2n: subversion check out failed, certificate issued for a different
  Reporter:  domagoj.trsan@…  |      Owner:  msmk@…
      Type:  defect           |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal           |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports            |    Version:  2.0.4
Resolution:                   |   Keywords:
      Port:  n2n              |

Comment (by chrstphrchvz):

 This issue appears to be resolved.
 $ sudo port -v fetch n2n
 --->  Computing dependencies for n2n.
 --->  Fetching distfiles for n2n
 Executing:  cd
 .com_macports_macports-ports_net_n2n/n2n/work" && /usr/bin/svn --non-
 interactive --trust-server-cert export
 https://svn.ntop.org/svn/ntop/trunk/n2n@3938 2>&1
 A    n2n
 A    n2n/win32
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet/supernode
 A    n2n/debian
 A    n2n/scripts
 A    n2n/INSTALL
 A    n2n/lzoconf.h
 A    n2n/openwrt
 A    n2n/openwrt/kamikaze
 A    n2n/n2n.h
 A    n2n/debian/control
 A    n2n/debian/copyright
 A    n2n/debian/README.Debian
 A    n2n/scripts/mk_tar.sh
 A    n2n/scripts/mk_SRPM.sh
 A    n2n/lzodefs.h
 A    n2n/minilzo.h
 A    n2n/twofish.h
 A    n2n/edge.c
 A    n2n/supernode.c
 A    n2n/n2n.c
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet/supernode/supernode.vcproj
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet/n2n.vcproj
 A    n2n/README
 A    n2n/openwrt/kamikaze/Makefile
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet/n2n.suo
 A    n2n/win32/DotNet/n2n.sln
 A    n2n/COPYING
 A    n2n/win32/wintap.c
 A    n2n/win32/wintap.h
 A    n2n/win32/getopt.c
 A    n2n/win32/n2n_win32.h
 A    n2n/win32/getopt1.c
 A    n2n/win32/getopt.h
 A    n2n/Makefile
 A    n2n/HACKING
 A    n2n/tuntap_linux.c
 A    n2n/edge.8
 A    n2n/tuntap_osx.c
 A    n2n/tuntap_freebsd.c
 A    n2n/debian/changelog
 A    n2n/debian/n2n.install
 A    n2n/debian/n2n.docs
 A    n2n/debian/n2n.manpages
 A    n2n/debian/n2n.dirs
 A    n2n/debian/rules
 A    n2n/debian/compat
 A    n2n/n2n.spec
 A    n2n/scripts/mk_deb.sh
 A    n2n/supernode.1
 A    n2n/minilzo.c
 A    n2n/twofish.c
 Exported revision 3938.

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