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#46951: finance/bitcoin: Problems compiling against Qt4
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Comment (by kencu):

 This error occurs because the older `moc` program in `qt4`, which is
 essentially a preprocessor, does not understand the more complicated macro
 substitution that is being used in certain parts of newer versions of

 `boost` has decided this is not their error to fix. `qt5` has an upgrade
 `moc` program and it understands the fancy business going on in the
 `boost` headers. It is reported that this improved `moc` will never be
 backported to `qt4`.

 The only solution is to block the problematic boost header from being
 preprocessed by `qt4`'s `moc`. If there are not too many instances of
 `#include <boost/xyz>` then you can wrap the header with
 #ifndef Q_MOC_RUN
 #include <boost/myfailingheader.h>
 and that basically makes `moc` skip over the header, but somehow it still
 works out in the end that the header is used.

 If you have a lot of these `#include <boost/xyx.h>` then that approach can
 get mighty tedious quickly.

 %3Acomment-tabpanel#comment-192942 discussion] suggests you can wrap `moc`
 and add a define to it's implementation to make `moc` skip the problematic
 header series:

 For my purposes, I just hacked the boost header directly for the duration
 of the problem build. This header that was causing all the errors for me
 was this one:

 so I added this at the top:
 #ifndef Q_MOC_RUN
 and this at the bottom
 and the build completed without a hiccup.

 Now -- clearly I should remove that guard after the `qt4` build has
 completed, to get back to stock `boost` headers. But I will admit I'm
 rather tempted to just leave it there, because it looks like it can do no
 harm (what else is ever going to define `Q_MOC_RUN` other than `moc`)...
 but I guess `qt5`'s `moc` might, so there's a reason to remove it.

 I have been trying to come up with a fancy method to wrap that header in a
 block automatically, and so far, I can't.

 But anyway, there are several workarounds for the `BOOST_JOIN` problem
 with `qt4`.

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