[MacPorts] #59755: net-snmp @5.8 fails to address the correct SDK

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#59755: net-snmp @5.8 fails to address the correct SDK
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Comment (by kencu):

 despite our best efforts for the past 6 or 8 weeks, there are still many
 places where the wrong "isysroot" is baked into various MacPorts-installed
 software, in particular things like the python setup scrips, and
 (obviously) still in perl. It's a frustrating battle. Some software, like
 perl, does it's own dance to find an SDK, and it's not usually the one we
 want the software to find.

 We decided to use `/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/` as our
 settled path to SDK, and to build all of our software using that path to
 the SDK needed (which is supposed to be the SDK that matches the system it
 is running on). That way, people could install the command line tools, and
 not install xcode, and most ports (that don't need a full Xcode) would

 However, as you are finding, it's not yet perfect. Please feel free to
 contribute, and find out where on your system's perl files that darned SDK
 path into Xcode has been baked, and if you're really helpful, put up a PR
 that fixes it. Then we can rebuild that software and hopefully, finally,
 get the SDK path we want baked into it.

 Or, if your time is valuable, and whose time is not, just accept the
 inevitable, and either install Xcode or make a symlink from the SDK in the
 commandline tools sdk folder to that path
 and the hardcoded build files will find it.

 Now -- if you have already done either of those, and you are still getting
 a build error, presumably it must not be due to the SDK path (that you
 just fixed), so in that case we'd need to see another log with whatever on
 earth might be going wrong now to make it fail, as it must be something

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