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#59771: rust 1.39.0 : Failed to build rust: command execution failed
  Reporter:  homer3018  |      Owner:  g5pw
      Type:  defect     |     Status:  assigned
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 Component:  ports      |    Version:  2.6.2
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Comment (by homer3018):

 Sorry for the delayed response. I believe it was part of the

 I'm building Darktable software which is open source and it needs some
 ports to be patched according to these instructions :

 How to make disk image with darktable application bundle (64 bit Intel

 1). Install MacPorts (instructions and prerequisites can be found on
 official website), please use default installation path (/opt/local).
     They will need some tuning, so before you build anything add these
 lines to /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf:
      buildfromsource always
      macosx_deployment_target 10.7
      cxx_stdlib libc++
     (practice showed that support for versions older than 10.7 isn't
     and this line to /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf:
      +no_gnome +no_x11 +quartz -x11 -gnome
     You will also need to add patches for python
 (https://trac.macports.org/ticket/51736), GraphicsMagick, ImageMagick,
 libraw and pugixml
     (all fixes are required due to set deployment target):
      $ mkdir -p ~/ports/devel/gnutls/files ~/ports/lang/python36/files
 ~/ports/lang/python37/files ~/ports/lang/python38/files
 ~/ports/graphics/GraphicsMagick/files ~/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/files
 ~/ports/graphics/libraw/files ~/ports/textproc
      $ cp -R "$(port dir gnutls)" ~/ports/devel
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/devel/gnutls/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir python36)" ~/ports/lang
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/lang/python36/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir python37)" ~/ports/lang
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/lang/python37/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir python38)" ~/ports/lang
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/lang/python38/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir GraphicsMagick)" ~/ports/graphics
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/graphics/GraphicsMagick/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir ImageMagick)" ~/ports/graphics
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir libraw)" ~/ports/graphics
      $ curl -Lo ~/ports/graphics/libraw/files/patch.diff
      $ cp -R "$(port dir pugixml)" ~/ports/textproc
      $ curl -L https://raw.github.com/darktable-
 org/darktable/master/packaging/macosx/pugixml-stdlib.patch | patch -d
 ~/ports -p0
      $ cp -R "$(port dir librsvg)" ~/ports/graphics
      $ curl -L https://raw.github.com/darktable-
 org/darktable/master/packaging/macosx/librsvg-nocargo.patch | patch -d
 ~/ports -p0
     then append this line:
      patchfiles-append patch.diff
     to ~/ports/*/*/Portfile files you just copied (except for pugixml and
 librsvg) and run:
      $ portindex ~/ports
     Add "file:///Users/<username>/ports" (change <username> to your actual
 login) to /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf before [default] line.
     Install required dependencies:
      $ sudo port install git exiv2 libgphoto2 gtk-osx-application-gtk3
 lensfun librsvg libsoup openexr json-glib flickcurl GraphicsMagick
 openjpeg lua webp libsecret pugixml osm-gps-map adwaita-icon-theme tango-
 icon-theme intltool iso-codes libomp

 Upon upgrading to Catalina, I followed most of the migration instructions
 and got quickly stuck upon `cargo` and `rust` being one of its dependency.
 I have honestly no idea if those two are necessary to build Darktable. All
 I know is that I was not able to add the patches.
 I tried a lot of cleaning, reinstalling manually as well as `sudo port
 selfupdate` and `sudo port upgrade outdated` and eventually I got the
 `curl`command to work from the Darktable building instructions. I am now
 able to build again, just like before (and it does not seem `rust` got
 installed). Im sorry I can't be more accurate and I'm not so familiar with
 MacPorts and the way it works.

 Anyhow, thanks for helping out :)

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