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#59801: libnet 1.2
 Reporter:  ryandesign  |      Owner:  nerdling
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 Keywords:              |       Port:  libnet, libnet10, libnet11
 [https://github.com/libnet/libnet/releases libnet 1.2 has been released].
 We should have it in MacPorts. But how?

 We currently have a libnet port at version 1.0.2a which about 5 ports
 depend on, and a libnet11 port at version 1.1.6 which about 10 ports
 depend on. My understanding is that we need these two different ports
 because libnet 1.1.x is not compatible with libnet 1.0.x.

 However, at least
 in the opinion of the developer of arping], libnet 1.1.x and libnet 1.2.x
 are compatible. Therefore I don't think we need a separate port for libnet
 1.1.x and libnet 1.2.x.

 I think the best solution would be to rename the libnet @1.0.2a port to
 libnet10, and then to rename the libnet11 @1.1.6 port to libnet, adjusting
 the dependencies of all the ports that depend on them, and then updating
 libnet @1.1.6 to 1.2.

 It would also be good if, while we're at it, we could make the new
 libnet10 @1.0.2a port not conflict with the new libnet @1.2 port. libnet10
 @1.0.2a should install its files to different locations than the libnet
 @1.2 port, and the ports that need the old libnet10 should be updated to
 find the files in those new locations.

 We should also examine the 5 ports that depend on libnet 1.0.x. Maybe
 there are updates available to versions that would be compatible with
 libnet 1.1.x and later. If all 5 ports can be updated to be compatible
 with libnet 1.1.x and later, then we wouldn't need a libnet10 port at all

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