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#59837: Error building some port with inconsistent message
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 When trying to upgrade my ports, some of them fail with the following
 message :

 Warning: The macOS 10.14 SDK does not appear to be installed. Ports may
 not build correctly.
 Warning: You can install it as part of the Xcode Command Line Tools
 package by running `xcode-select --install'.

 For example, ds9 won't build :

 Error: Failed to build ds9: command execution failed
 Error: See
 for details.

 If I try to install the Xcode-tools, they are installed :

 [Emmanuels:/Applications/cassis5.1last] caux% xcode-select --install
 xcode-select: error: command line tools are already installed, use
 "Software Update" to install updates
 [Emmanuels:/Applications/cassis5.1last] caux%

 How should I proceed ?

 I am running MacOs 10.14.6 and Xcode 11.3

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