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#42191: python*: IDLE requires py*-tkinter
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Comment (by ned-deily):

 > There is AquaTk mentioned, that make sense, so I believe I was right,
 they use different implementations of Tkinter namely AquaTk and the X11
 based Tk. This leads to those problems, because the IDLE.app is written
 for AquaTk and not X11.

 No, there is only one version of IDLE and one version of Tkinter in a
 Python release.  Tkinter links to the provided version of Tk.  MacPorts
 supports both current variants of Tk for macOS: the old, deprecated (on
 macOS) X11-based Tk and the "native" AquaTk (AKA Cocoa Tk).  The latter is
 installed with ``port install tk +quartz``.  Both variant builds of Tk
 present the same ABI to Tkinter.  You can actually switch between the
 quartz variant and the X11 variant of the tk port without touching
 Tkinter.  I keep both variants of Tk around - one activated and the other
 deactivated - to do comparison testing.  Both variants work for me with
 the current IDLEs and the current versions of macOS including Catalina.

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