[MacPorts] #59864: meson-1.0.tcl: Use a cross file

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Fri Dec 20 11:48:37 UTC 2019

#59864: meson-1.0.tcl: Use a cross file
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 As I'm coming to understand it, meson tries to detect the CPU architecture
 and build for that. If you want to build for something other than what it
 autodetected, you must apparently use a "cross file".

 Its CPU detection is currently wrong on some systems; see

 Even if its CPU detection were right, we would always want to tell it what
 to build for. We want the user to be able to specify a different
 build_arch in macports.conf and we want the user to be able to build for
 multiple archs (universal).

 Therefore it seems like we should always be using a "cross file".

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