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#59779: welle.io @20191124+git1aa8e2f: binaries are not available
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Comment (by jmroot):

 Replying to [comment:15 tenzap]:
 > Moreover, since GPLv2 is incompatible with GPLv3, and given the various
 licenses of files in welle.io (some GPL-2+, GPL-3+, MIT) would it actually
 be allowed to copy & use mpg123 in welle.io (wether binaries are
 distributed or not) ? The matrix suggests it's not...

 Each of the source files can be distributed under the terms of its own
 license. None of the licenses involved have any requirements that would
 make it a problem to distribute all the differently licensed source files
 in the same archive. This is an example of what is referred to as "mere
 aggregation" in the GPL. So copying in source form is fine.

 The GPL doesn't impose any restrictions on what you can do with software
 privately; its requirements only come into effect when you distribute the
 software to others. So it's also fine to combine GPL'd code and code under
 a GPL-incompatible license and run the combination privately. You just
 can't distribute the combination.

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