[MacPorts] #59885: ossp-uuid @1.6.2_11+perl5_26 build failure

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Wed Dec 25 09:05:53 UTC 2019

#59885: ossp-uuid @1.6.2_11+perl5_26 build failure
  Reporter:  sabinz              |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect              |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports               |    Version:  2.6.2
Resolution:                      |   Keywords:  catalina
      Port:  ossp-uuid perl5.26  |

Comment (by sabinz):

 Hey Ryan!!!

 Thanks so much for looking at my log file, I really appreciate your time
 and help - I know it's a time of year for everyone to be resting. I was on
 Mojave, upgraded to Catalina, and then things broke - somewhat as they
 always do with an upgrade. I opened Xcode and it was fine, and I even re-
 accepted the license agreement in Terminal - but I think you're right
 about the Command Line Tools. Even when I checked software for update (in
 System Preferences and in the App Store), it didn't come up. It was only
 when I installed Homebrew that it triggered the update of Command Line
 Tools. Weird - that's never happened before. You're also right about that
 specific Perl version - I used the restore functionality in Macports, so
 it must have assumed that I wanted a specific variant of Perl. I tried
 uninstalling and wiping Macports, and reinstalling - and just installing
 gmt6 (allowing it to get all the dependencies). I suppose that it didn't
 work properly because it still called for the older version of Perl
 (perhaps the sudo rm -rf line doesn't work in the new zsh in
 Catalina...)... I then restarted the machine, and then gmt6 seemed like it
 was installed properly - Macports didn't find any broken links and so on.

 I guess my lesson is that I should do "sudo port upgrade outdated" before
 any system upgrade, so that when I restore, things like this can be
 avoided. Sorry to have troubled you with this - hopefully others don't
 stumble on this issue.

 Thanks again, and Merry Christmas,

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