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#57875: port:poppler shouldn't require C++14?!
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Changes (by dbevans):

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 Addressing @RJVBs concerns with C++14, thread_local storage, and
 blacklisting of Apple clang versions:

 As I think you know, poppler started requiring a C++14 compiler in
 This also introduced the use of std::make_unique to replace
 std::unique_ptr as discussed above.

 C++14 requires Apple clang 600.0.54 or later. See

 As a separate issue, poppler introduced the use of thread_local in

 Although vanilla clang supported thread_local earlier, for their own
 policy reasons, it is my understanding that Apple did not support
 thread_local in clang until much later (800.0.38 Xcode 8).

 The current configuration allows poppler to build on all platforms from at
 least 10.6+ per the buildbots.

 See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28094794/why-does-apple-clang-
 disallow-c11-thread-local-when-official-clang-supports for a statement of
 Apple's position in 2014.

 My position is to support poppler as provided upstream, rather than to
 second guess them.  If you disagree, you should bring it up with them.

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