[MacPorts] #58108: JDK missing in Mojave images?

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#58108: JDK missing in Mojave images?
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Comment (by mattbishop):

 I tried the py-tensorflow approach and didn't find a lot of joy. It looks
 like it cannot pick up the JAVA_HOME that was set earlier in the port

 # Required java version
 java.version        1.8
 # JDK port to install if required java not found
 java.fallback       openjdk8

 if {[info exists env(JAVA_HOME)]} {
     configure.args-append   --with-java-home="$env(JAVA_HOME)"
 } else {
     configure.args-append   --with-java-home="${java.home}"




 Not sure why it can't pick up either java.home or JAVA_HOME.

 This may not be a big deal as tomcat-native is a C lib using JNI headers
 in the JDK to build against. These headers are super-stable so any version
 will do. tomcat-native does not use the JRE/JDK at runtime but is loaded
 as a JNI lib by tomcat at launch. Usually the installer will have JDK
 installed in order to run tomcat. tomcat-native has no use outside of a
 tomcat runtime.

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