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#48899: ghc & haskell-platform update?
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Comment (by mouse07410):

 > what have the other package management systems decided to do about this
 issue? I assume all of them are in exactly the same boat.

 Some of them probably do something reasonable, and some - don't (in  my
 opinion). For example, IMHO what Macports Python does is crazy (IMHO), and
 causes unnecessary conflicts because, as I explained, there's no way for
 Macports to replicate he entire PYPI repo, so some packages get overridden
 when the user needs to install something, e.g., from PYPI and that thing
 pulls its own dependencies - again directly from PYPI. Leaving the
 packages to the corresponding infrastructure, and providing just the
 "main" binaries - {{{ghc}}}, {{{cabal}}}, and {{{stack}}} - would be best.
 And simplest too.

 Then, BTW, you won't need to bother with the unnecessary dependency on
 LLVM. I just rebuilt GHC from the sources, and it was smooth as castor
 oil. Why Macport GHC port can't do the same? Don't overcomplicate things -
 KISS rules.

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