[MacPorts] #57875: port:poppler shouldn't require C++14?!

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Tue Jan 8 16:50:53 UTC 2019

#57875: port:poppler shouldn't require C++14?!
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 #782c7672 chanced port:poppler to build in C++14 mode, which apparently
 requires blacklisting quite a few clang versions. I don't even know what
 LLVM version "clang 800.0.38" corresponds to so I forced the port back to
 C++11 mode because according to cpppreference.com, `thread_local` was
 introduced in C++11. I built using macports-clang-5.0 and that went just
 fine (poppler 0.73). Works fine too (tested via poppler-qt5)

 On an unrelated note: if gobject introspection really introduces a build
 conflict with its own installed self, why not make that feature optional?
 Do we even know which ports depend on the bindings that creates (probably
 only Gnome ports)?

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