[MacPorts] #57829: py27-scipy @1.2.0+gfortran: ImportError: dlopen: Symbol not found: _cbbcsd_

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Wed Jan 9 21:58:23 UTC 2019

#57829: py27-scipy @1.2.0+gfortran: ImportError: dlopen: Symbol not found: _cbbcsd_
  Reporter:  renzresearch  |      Owner:  seanfarley
      Type:  defect        |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.5.4
Resolution:                |   Keywords:
      Port:  py-scipy      |

Comment (by seanfarley):

 I just read the thread on the mailing list and it's unfortunate they
 dropped support for Apple's Accelerate framework (a big reason to use macs
 in academia). Well, if support has been dropped then it's dropped. But
 this is a much larger problem in general. So many things depend on scipy
 that we should decide if we want to revamp the port tree to use openblas
 by default. Having Apple's Accelerate mixed with openblas will lead to
 linking issues. And we can't depend on variants so I don't think
 `+openblas` should remain a variant for scipy.

 I absolutely don't have the time to work on revamping this. Does anyone
 else have any ideas?

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