[MacPorts] #31312: yap fails to build under lion

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Tue Jan 29 06:33:43 UTC 2019

#31312: yap fails to build under lion
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 Component:  ports   |    Version:  2.0.3
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Comment (by kencu):

 So this port is quite broken, at least on Lion, and I suspect everywhere,
 although I didn't try any other systems.

 The software has moved to <https://github.com/vscosta/yap-6.3/> and the
 homepage is <http://www.dcc.fc.up.pt/~vsc/yap/> now.

 I tried making a github port, using cmake, and the cxx11 1.1 PG, and I got
 through for a while. It builds a version of itself along the way, maybe
 for testing, maybe for bootstrapping, around 85%. The build fails there,
 although you can get farther by using install_name_tool on the `yap`
 binary and showing it where it's support lib is (same directory). Then it
 fails later on with

 no member named unordered_map in namespace std.

 At that point I gave up. It's still listed as a preview release on github.
 Not sure -- if it doesn't work on any other systems either, we should
 probably just delete it as non-functional.

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