[MacPorts] #57987: installing openvdb failed: could not find boost_python2 error

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Thu Jan 31 07:15:20 UTC 2019

#57987: installing openvdb failed: could not find boost_python2 error
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 Keywords:  openvdb, boost, boost_python2  |       Port:  openvdb
 Hello, I failed to install openvdb in my MacBook, and the error message is
 as follows:

 2109 :info:configure CMake Error at
 /opt/local/share/cmake-3.13/Modules/FindBoost.cmake:2100 (message):
 2110 :info:configure   Unable to find the requested Boost libraries.
 2111 :info:configure   Boost version: 1.66.0
 2112 :info:configure   Boost include path: /opt/local/include
 2113 :info:configure   Could not find the following Boost libraries:
 2114 :info:configure           boost_python2
 2115 :info:configure   No Boost libraries were found.  You may need to set
 2116 :info:configure   directory containing Boost libraries or BOOST_ROOT
 to the location of
 2117 :info:configure   Boost.

 There is a libboost_python-mt.a[.dylib] in /opt/local/lib, but I wasn't
 sure if that the one cmake failed to find.

 I'm using macOS 10.14.2, MacPorts 2.5.4, and boost
 @1.66.0_3+no_single+python27 (I've also tried 1.59). Any suggestion is

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