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Thu Apr 9 00:46:25 UTC 2020

#60228: gpsd doesn't fully use the right compiler
  Reporter:  michaelld  |      Owner:  fhgwright
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Comment (by fhgwright):

 I finally had a chance to look at this, and I can't reproduce it, but I
 have an idea as to why.  Your (michaelld's) system is running Xcode 11.3
 on 10.14, while here I have 10.3 on 10.14 and 11.3 on 10.15.  Both of the
 latter cases build with no issues.  I've attached logfiles of both
 successful builds, run with buildmakejobs=1 for consistency in the

 It seems that Apple supports Xcode 11.x on OS 10.14, but doesn't encourage
 it, in the sense that it's not automatically offered by Software Update.
 The buildbots are currently running 10.3 on 10.14, so I wouldn't expect to
 see the trouble there.

 The basic problem in this area is that the gpsd build procedure (up
 through the last release) extracts a bunch of build configuration
 information from the Python it's targeting, and uses that to build the
 compiled extension.  This can fail for various reasons related to
 inconsistencies between the Python C compiler (the one used to build
 Python itself) and the main C compiler used for gpsd itself.  Fixing that
 in the upstream gpsd code has been on my todo list for a while, but
 meanwhile, the whole approach to the compiled extension has changed
 upstream, so that the problem no longer exists.  However, it's too big a
 change to be reasonable as a patch, so the proper fix will have to wait
 for the next release.  If it were a widespread problem, then it might be
 fixable with additional compiler-selection tweaks, but so far that doesn't
 seem to be the case.

 The `CC` value returned by the current Python2.7 is `/usr/bin/clang`,
 suggesting that the command-line tool package is probably involved here.
 I'd check to make sure that there isn't a version mismatch between CLT and
 Xcode, since that would be troublesome in general, and is an obvious thing
 to fix.  If not, then there might be a workaround by specifying
 whitelist/blacklist stuff on the command line.

 If this bug is just due to a CLT mismatch, I'd close the ticket.  If it's
 not, but is only due to a fairly unusual setup, then I'd leave the ticket
 open but lower the priority.

 BTW, you're also running a pre-release version of base, which complicates
 comparing logfiles.

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