[MacPorts] #60338: py-spyder @4.1.2: immediate crash after launch on macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra

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Sat Apr 11 03:03:42 UTC 2020

#60338: py-spyder @4.1.2: immediate crash after launch on macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra
  Reporter:  mgeever    |      Owner:  reneeotten
      Type:  defect     |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal     |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports      |    Version:  2.6.2
Resolution:             |   Keywords:
      Port:  py-spyder  |

Comment (by reneeotten):

 hi Michael, sorry for the trouble and unfortunately I'm not sure if I can
 be of much help... I haven't seen this issue myself and there seem to be
 no reports of it upstream.

 First off, what do you means with {{{py-spyder}}} - for which Python
 version did you install the port (i.e., what is {{{XY}}} in {{{sudo port
 install pyXY-spyder}}}? Secondly, did you upgrade from an earlier v4.x
 version when this issue started or from v3.x?

 Assuming that you haven't customized the Spyder settings too much, I would
 recommend resetting those to their defaults using {{{spyder-XY --reset}}}.
 Additionally, you could start the program with more debugging output using
 {{{pyXY-spyder --debug-info verbose --debug-output file}}}; this will
 result in a file {{{spyder-debug.log}}} in the directory where you started
 the program. Please add that file as an attachment to this ticket.

 Finally, if it has something to do with the displaying stuff you might
 want to try another option for {{{--opengl}}} and see if that makes a
 difference (the default appears to be "software").
   --opengl {software,desktop,gles}
                         OpenGL implementation to pass to Qt

 Additionally, it would be useful to find out whether this is an upstream
 issue or due to the packaging in MacPorts (i.e., can you try to install
 Spyder through Anaconda and see if you can reproduce the issue?).

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