[MacPorts] #60348: libcxx fails to install on Leopard

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#60348: libcxx fails to install on Leopard
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Comment (by kencu):

 There is, at present, no real functional llvm/clang/libcxx infrastructure
 available for PPC. It is pretty close, though. There is a fully functional
 assembler for ppc/ppc64 based on the llvm backend, and you can build llvm
 and clang 7.1 for PPC, bootstrapping it with gcc.

 The problem is there is an ABI issue to be still sorted out, wherein this
 toolchain doesn't use the official PowerPC ABI and so can't interact
 properly with other software, like the system software. But it is
 "internally" consistent.

 The lonely genius working on all this, Iain, is also the gcc compiler lead
 for Darwin. His time is quite valuable, and he just hasn't yet got to the
 point of finishing off the final bits of the Darwin PowerPC ABI for the
 llvm backend.

 His WIP is here, quite functional. I have not yet made a Portfile for it,
 as it is not as yet functional enough to do that
 <https://github.com/iains/LLVM-7-branch>, and there are some other useful
 Darwin PowerPC toolchain bits there, of which the PowerPC linker, ld64, is
 a bit newer than the one we currently have available in MacPorts.

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