[MacPorts] #60350: jpilot: Keyring plugin no longer built (/opt/local/lib missing from LDFLAGS)

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Tue Apr 14 21:55:28 UTC 2020

#60350: jpilot: Keyring plugin no longer built (/opt/local/lib missing from
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      Type:  defect       |     Status:  assigned
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      Port:  jpilot       |

Comment (by ewenmcneill):

 > In the future, please add the port maintainer(s) to Cc (port info
 --maintainers jpilot), if any.

 Thanks for adding the port CC.  I did try to figure out who to CC, but the
 commands I could find searching weren't displaying anyone addresses.

 It'd help a lot if:

 1.  The ticket system could auto-add CCs of the maintainers of the ports
 based on the port names entered; or

 2.  At least the ticket system on the "new ticket" page could show the
 precise command needed to find the maintainer to CC.  (The command to find
 the maintainer seems to be hard to find by searching for it -- searching
 seems to turn up commands which don't work.  Which doesn't exactly help
 those of us filing tickets infrequently...)

 FTR, I see it is included in
 https://guide.macports.org/#project.tickets.guidelines, if you know where
 to look, but the one thing I keep forgetting is buried in the middle of
 two long paragraphs and thus harder to find even if one knows to look
 there.  So it'd really help if the "new ticket" banner text read:

     Please read the Ticket Guidelines before submitting!

     For port issues, please CC the maintainer (Run port info --maintainer

 because I suspect that's the most frequently ''accidentally'' omitted
 detail on port tickets :-)


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