[MacPorts] #60408: Unable to Build clang-3.7 on Lion -- Build crashes and hangs

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Wed Apr 29 06:53:24 UTC 2020

#60408: Unable to Build clang-3.7 on Lion -- Build crashes and hangs
  Reporter:  RobK88     |      Owner:  kencu
      Type:  defect     |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal     |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports      |    Version:  2.6.2
Resolution:             |   Keywords:
      Port:  clang-3.7  |

Comment (by kencu):

 I just rebuilt clang-3.7 from source on my 10.7 VM and it finished without
 any troubles.

 I'm not sure I can explain why yours is crashing, but what I would do if I
 wanted to fix it would be to do this:
 sudo port -f uninstall llvm-3.7
 sudo port -f uninstall clang-3.7
 sudo port clean llvm-3.7
 sudo port clean clang-3.7
 sudo port -v install clang-3.7
 and when it asks you if you want to install llvm-3.7, agree. You should
 download and install prebuilt binaries off the buildbot, and that will be
 the end of that.

 Don't try to configure any fancy variants in llvm-3.7 or clang-3.7 -- just
 leave the defaults as they are -- and you will get (should get) the

 We are just about to launch a mega-upgrade of every llvm / clang / lldb
 version in MacPorts (OMG) and every single compiler is about to get
 revbumped, with minor tweaks in building, but one of the core supporting
 libraries, libffi, is being revbumped and (at present) nobody knows how
 that will go. Hopefully smoothly :>

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