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#57576: llvm 8+ usability
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Comment (by RJVB):

 Replying to [comment:5 RJVB]:
 > I think each clang version does use its own C++ headers on Linux, so
 I'll kick some tyres there to see what happens.

 Apparently it doesn't, but it does use the C++1x headers from the libc++
 install (/usr/include/c++/v1). On first glance I don't notice any issues,
 but I think there was no actual passing along of relevant data structures
 between the different translation units. I'm now rebuilding a host app
 with `clang++-5.0 -stdlib=libc++` and one of its more complex plugins with
 `clang++-8 -stdlib=libc++`, if that doesn't trip any of the more obvious
 (potential) taboos I don't know what would...

 Or, the quote above only actually pertains to libc++ 8 and up, regardless
 of the clang/llvm version with which it is used. In that case my tyre
 kicking is pointless because everything I have built with `clang++
 -stdlib=libc++` must have been (re)built against libc++ 8.0.0 already...

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