[MacPorts] #66450: xscorch fails to install - unknown argument: '-fthread-jumps'

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#66450: xscorch fails to install - unknown argument: '-fthread-jumps'
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 Building xscorch fails to build on Mac OS 10.6. This is the error I saw in
 the log: \\
 :info:build clang: error: unknown argument: '-fthread-jumps'

 Here is a description of the option for GCC 3.4 found here:

     Perform optimizations where we check to see if a jump branches to a
 location where another comparison subsumed by the first is found. If so,
 the first branch is redirected to either the destination of the second
 branch or a point immediately following it, depending on whether the
 condition is known to be true or false.

     Enabled at levels -O, -O2, -O3, -Os.

 I could not find a reference to -fthread-jumps working with clang.

 This issue talks about how clang does not recognize a lot of flags
 (fthread-jumps included): https://github.com/pcsx2/pcsx2/issues/295

 My guess is xscorch is meant to be built with GCC instead of Clang.

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