[MacPorts] #66441: Bogofilter missing, broken links, 404

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#66441: Bogofilter missing, broken links, 404
  Reporter:  Rezzy-dev   |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
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 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.8.0
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      Port:  bogofilter  |

Comment (by Rezzy-dev):

 > If that fails, MacPorts then (unless you tell it not to) tries to
 download the source code distfile and build from that.

 This didn't happen. MacPorts didn't proceed to try to build the bogofilter
 dependency from the source. Instead the claws-mail installation failed on
 each occasion, with the error message that the expected binary package is
 missing (that it's an HTML file). I'm using the default, stable 2.8.0
 build of MacPorts for OS 10.10 'out of the box', with no extra
 configuration. (I've just installed it.) So every user who tries to
 install claws-mail will experience this.

 My guess is that the installer perhaps didn't proceed to building
 bogofilter from the source because the 404 page was downloaded instead of
 the binary package, and the hash on that didn't match the expected file
 (obviously), so it aborted the installation.

 > We cannot know what happened if you don't attach the main.log file.

 I didn't save the log, because it was my first time trying to install
 something through MacPorts. The next package I installed, zim, installed
 with all its dependencies without issue. Attempting to install claws-mail
 again, I encountered the same problem. Only after manually downloading and
 moving the binary package to the installer's expected location was the
 installation able to complete.

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