[MacPorts] #66507: Allow customizing applications_dir on a per-port basis

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Mon Dec 19 16:46:47 UTC 2022

#66507: Allow customizing applications_dir on a per-port basis
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 Component:  base         |    Version:  2.8.0
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Comment (by esbugz):

 Replying to [comment:4 kencu]:
 > no, aliases don't "convey that labelling information and only that."
 That would be pretty useless.

 Why would they be useless if you complained that your labels were lost on
 app updates??? Links persist on app updates, that's useful. I used them
 exactly for this + for the labeling info itself: e.g., I'd change the app
 names from various `Kitty` and `Puppy` to `File Manager Kitty` and `File
 Manager Puppy` (and you could add `(Macports)` at the end if you need that
 label), and then the apps were easier to find in Alfred (especially for
 rarely used apps the names of which you could forget). That's the second
 use of the useless labels

 > They function as movable references to an application that you can put
 anywhere you want. **Which is exactly what you are asking for.**

 Nope, not sure why you'd insist in your misinterpretation of what I'm
 asking for when I've explicitly explained that the alias is not it.

 > But they don't require re-engineering MacPorts in a basically impossible
 and (IMHO) inferior way.

 Why is that impossible???

 > **Lacking app size** in an alias is a pretty trivial complaint, wouldn't
 you agree? :>

 Compared to the made up impossibility, yep; otherwise, not really, why
 would I agree with trivializing one of the main driving factors behind the
 request a copy of this Homebrew's flag?

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