[MacPorts] #66524: Autoremove macports/software not to waste space with archived duplicates

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#66524: Autoremove macports/software not to waste space with archived duplicates
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Comment (by kencu):

 I presume you know about:
 sudo port -v reclaim
 that cleans up your system of expired software you have upgraded, partial
 builds, and other cruft. It will automatically run every two weeks if you
 agree to that.

 But it won't remove all the archives from software you have installed,
 stored in the software folder. To be honest, I thought this was a
 requirement of how macports worked -- it is used to reinstall software you
 already have installed, as lots of folks have had to build those and
 wouldn't be happy to go through the whole rebuild process.

 It would be easy enough to test that. If MacPorts can work properly with
 the contents of that folder moved or deleted, and it will just rebuild or
 redownload what is needed, then emptying that software folder might
 something that could be added to the port reclaim mechanism.

 But I am not certain MacPorts will work right if that folder is deleted --
 I can see how it might malfunction -- so it would need some testing to

 Homebrew in some ways has it much easier, a consequence of restricting
 your options and flexibility - it does not support you building your own
 software, for example - so it can make some assumptions that MacPorts
 cannot make.

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