[MacPorts] #66555: Why MacPorts could consider to rename its ''master'' branch to **main**

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#66555: Why MacPorts could consider to rename its ''master'' branch to **main**
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 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The rename of the git branch
 has been suggested before, but many of the [https://github.com/macports
 /macports-infrastructure/ infrastructure scripts] still depend on the
 "master" branch name.

 Previous answer from Ryan: https://lists.macports.org/pipermail/macports-

 Furthermore, renaming the branch in git would only be one thing. To take
 this seriously, there would be more changes needed, most prominently the
 `master_sites` option in Portfiles.

 Unfortunately, I do not think this ticket will bring the issue forward.
 This ticket is phrased to consider a rename, but the problem is not that
 anyone has to take a decision, but it needs someone to execute it. I do
 not believe this could be coordinated over a single ticket, as it is a
 change spread over multiple repositories and servers. I am therefore
 closing this ticket, but I do not mean to dismiss the issue.

 Please bring it up on the [wiki:MailingLists macports-dev mailing list]
 instead, as first of all we need people willing to invest time into this

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