[MacPorts] #66568: improve the Livecheck of libressl

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#66568: improve the Livecheck of libressl
 Reporter:  Zweihorn     |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
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 Keywords:  x86_64       |       Port:  libressl
 I appreciate the current parallel update to libressl and libressl-devel by
 the new maintainers.

 However, would it be possible to **improve / enhance** the ''Livecheck''
 procedure of libressl in a way that this port does not flag an "outdated"
 if just one major version behind libressl-devel port?

 Example and proposal:
   * libressl 3.6.1 should not be outdated because of 3.7.x
   * libressl 3.6.1 shall become outdated if 3.6.2 upstream
   * libressl 3.6.x shall become outdated if 3.8 or newer upstream
   * libressl-devel 3.7.0 should continue being outdated by 3.7.1 or 3.8 or

 IMO this enhancement would improve the user experience including the view
 on the port library GUI (see attach).

 My five cents.

 Furthermore, you may approach me to volunteer with more commitment by
 myself providing an improved Livecheck formula. However, I may be slow in
 response and/or slow on meeting a schedule.

 Naturally, you could set the priority of this Ticket to Low until I meet
 your expections in due time.

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